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Reading letters
           Editor`s note: as Xiaomi rolled out its magazine on the market,
           positive comments about Xiaomi became widespread. We gathered
           several of them, which express love for Xiaomi, and sincere words
           addressing to Xiaomi. I hope for your support of Xiaomi magazine in

           «I especially like Xiaomi magazine. It provides users with all information
           concerning Xiaomi! Every launch of a new product, every conversion
           and renewal, every “grain of rice”- it all provides more people with more
           information about Xiaomi, contributing to understanding its culture, its
           spirit, history of goods and their predecessors. It speaks about Mi and
           its culture».

           «Hi, Xiaomi magazine! I’ve got some proposal for the next issues of the
           magazine: 1) introduction of Xiaomi devices, publishing their pictures
           and specifications; 2) making a special column, where people could
           share their stories about Xiaomi and talk about its culture and spirit; 3)
           MIUI social life, visits of famous members. Xiaomi magazine issues are
           highly anticipated, each one becomes a highlight of the collectio».

           «The upper row of the magazine covers the essence of Xiaomi culture,
           the growing strength of Mifeng team as well as information concerning
           other friendly enterprises and their differences».

           You are welcome to register at forum and chat in “Xiaomi community”

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